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Microsoft Office 365 – 5 Devices and 1 TB Cloud - Instant Delivery


Microsoft Office 365 – 5 Devices and 1 TB Cloud – Instant Delivery

(107 customer reviews)




Microsoft Office 365 for 5 Devices

– 5 Devices Win / Mac
– Instructions to download and install
– Sent to your email ( instant )



What’s Included:

With this software you can get all of Office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, OneDrive, Outlook, Publisher & much more! Please note Publisher & Access are only available for Windows computers

This software is multi language, you can chose our language when installing.

You’ll receive the details of your new online account together with very simple instructions on how to download, install & register/activate your software. The details will be sent to your and email address.

This is a fully legal legitimate software. You can update as normal. This is currently on offer!


Lifetime License NO MONTHLY FEES

No monthly subscription required. Buy once and you’re set, including future updates and security patches to Office 365.

Please note:

This is a NEW account. There is no CD or key or serial code! This cannot be used to renew an existing subscription

You cannot use your own email for this. I will send you a username and password for your new account with instructions on how to install.

***The activation key will be delivered to Given Email Instantly

Additional information

Automater Product

MS Office 365

107 reviews for Microsoft Office 365 – 5 Devices and 1 TB Cloud – Instant Delivery

  1. Anupam Sarkar

    it’s great ! followed his construction & it works !

  2. Vishnu


  3. Dominica McCoy

    Works Great!!!!
    Thank You

  4. Sadia Sobhana


  5. rmadhalingam

    awesome. This is working..

  6. Nanda


  7. Ryan


  8. Ashokkumar

    it is working.

  9. Gersom

    I honestly was a little skeptical but turns out this works!

  10. Malony Alphonso


  11. Melissa Akers

    It was painless and easy, works great!! Paid thru pay pal . Greetings from San Antonio, Tx

  12. Kalvin Mack

    This works perfectly.

  13. Shadi Ebrahim

    Working and easy to install.

  14. Sam Wozkurt

    Received login details for new Microsoft 365 account within minutes of payment, instructions worked. For the price, this can’t be beat!

  15. Prince

    Legit! Thanks for a great deal 🙂

  16. Heather

    I did not expect this to work but figured I’d only be out a few bucks. However, this works perfectly and was easy to install!

  17. Prashanth

    Working great and very happy. All MS Office features for such a great price !

  18. Renny

    Amazing – thank you

  19. Christian Gomez

    Damn! It works! Thanks!

  20. Dorian

    Thanks! This was just what I needed and it really works!

  21. Jackie68

    I really needed this. Easy to follow instructions

  22. Srikanth

    worked for me. got email in Junk.
    question 5tb onedrive for year or lifetime?

  23. Jorge

    It was great for what I needed. The instruction were simple and easy to follow!

  24. Deborah feldman

    Worked great ! You have to sign in with the email adresse and psw they are providing you and then you choose your own password. Very happy with the purchase

  25. Poo

    It works. awsome !

  26. srikanth gokarakonda

    Works like champ. Thanks a lot

  27. Muhtasim Ahmed

    It works fine !

  28. J

    Amazing! Thought this was a hack but downloaded and works great. Very low price, we get access to more than just Word docs. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  29. TEE

    I was skeptical like many others but everything is legit!

  30. thom

    it works!! free microsoft office for life!

  31. thomas

    this works as intended!

  32. Jason

    Was very skeptical…but it actually works!

  33. raj

    Worked … excellent

  34. Swamy Vendra

    Excellent! works as expected

  35. Leslie

    Great, it worked

  36. Soldadone

    Great, it worked for me!

  37. Kelli

    I was skeptical with the price, but the link arrived within 5 minutes of ordering. I actually didn’t have to unistall the microsoft I already had but all features were restored immediately after I followed the instructions to download microsoft from the email.

  38. madhavan


  39. Nick

    Working great after installed..though it’s was some kind of scam for money..

  40. sam

    This is working great, installation was so easy. I was not sure if it works, Thank you

  41. Caroline

    After watching the Video and following the instructions of deinstalling Office first, it worked like a charm and I had it set up within 5 mins. Thanks so much!

  42. 325johsu

    login with the provided id and p/w, download, installed, restart, change p/w, you are all set!

  43. Vijay

    Wow, this works. 🙂

  44. Mingjing Zhao

    It works great, thanks very much.

  45. Darwin

    Thank you, works good

  46. Nicholas


  47. Brandy

    Works great and is legit! Very happy! Thank you 🙂

  48. Sueellen

    legit and instant email. thank you


    Don’t hesitate it is 100% genuine. I don’t know how it is done but it works. Thanks very much. Legitimate and instant email with proper links and instructions.



  51. Ben

    Thought it was too good to be true. After three days of pondering, I thought to just try it. I disliked using Mac’s Numbers, but now I have Excel 😀 It works. Thanks!

  52. brandon nguyen

    was nervous at first about downloading this, but glad i did – worked very easily

  53. Timmy

    Nice website and I ordered multiple times and recommended to my friends as well
    All purchased

  54. ProdbySAVAGE

    Works Perfectly!!! add me on IG @prod.bysavage , I’m a real person posting a REAL review!

  55. John C Henry

    Worked very well thanks

  56. raj

    Great Bro

  57. jesus mejia

    awesome it worked

  58. Hernani Duarte Pereira Neto

    Worked perfectly. Recommend!

  59. Allen Vu

    SO FAR SO GOOD. The account still works hopefully it will last a year.

  60. kunal

    Genuine , great value and trustworthy. Support was prompt to help. Im buying one more for my family

  61. Bismarck martinez

    Ok .. I accept that I was skeptical…. Probably the time difference … I waited …. And they delivered as advertised. GOOD JOB GUYS ….it works swiftly…. I had a little bit of an issue with the uninstaller tool I recommend manual uninstall if you have previous office installed because that tool keeps you logged in with your previous account so I had to logg off manually and then it worked fine TWO THUMBS UP

  62. Suresh

    Support was prompt and trusworthy.

  63. Suresh

    Support was prompt and trustworthy.

  64. Shanthan

    Worked as expected, followed the steps in email and installed office without any issues

  65. Alex

    Thank you so much! It works and it feels great. Thank you!

  66. Maxine Goldberg

    Works fine in the cloud. Good installation video and support.

  67. Erisa

    Works perfect.

  68. Kent J

    Super fast and easy to follow instructions….just read. WORKS PERFECTLY!!!

  69. Prash

    I had my school’s Office 365 account which expired. I just logged in with the credentials shared in the email and it was re-activated. Also, I received the email within a minute after I paid.

    I was super skeptical at first about the site since it was not there in Trustpilot. I took the gamble since it was less than 5$ but it really worked. I’ll definitely recommend this site.

  70. PVA USA

    Perfect and perfect, works very well

  71. Prasenjit

    Thank You so much. It worked smoothly without any issue.

  72. MPM

    Thank you so much. I was able to download the software once I took time to read the instructions correctly. The videos were also helpful. I can review previous documents on my computer. Everything is saved on One Drive.

  73. Frank T

    Works, Thanks

  74. I regret buying this

    I regret buying this, imagine using 2007 version of Microsoft 365 in year 2021, you can buy some ice-cream with you money than this junk

  75. James

    Works great. Customer service excellent

  76. Rajesh Amara

    I was hesitant and doubtful. But this is legit and works without any issue. If you already have Office apps installed, you don’t need to uninstall them. Just switch the account. Very happy with the experiencce

  77. Vijay125110

    The purchase and installation were easy but, for a month, I’m unable to access my files and one drive. No response was received to the request submitted via contact/help. Although the price is interesting, please do not purchase it and put your valuable files at risk.

  78. Isaac

    Was not working the first time I emailed and he responded almost immediately and now it works perfectly amazing. Unbearable!

  79. Jake

    Followed the instruction and worked perfectly.

  80. max

    ngl that was very sketchy and the email had terrible grammar, but it worked! (used for 30 mins so cannot say too much; however, it has let me use word so far, so as far as i am aware, it works!)

  81. Sam

    I was a bit anxious but there was no hiccup. No hassle of product keys etc. I am all setup smoothly with the provided uid/pwd.

  82. Asaraf Ali

    It works good 👍

  83. Joy

    Yay hesitant at first but I still buy it. Very good price. Installed quickly and works perfect. Thanks

  84. Art

    Instructions were easy and works perfectly! Awesome price! Hellos from San Antonio, Tx.!

  85. Hassan Zaidi

    This was the best purchase I have ever made on the internet! So easy to install and use. A complete Office 365 package! For an awesome price.

  86. Dee

    This looks sketchy but trust me, it works just fine. Very happy to have Office 365 for so cheap 🙂

  87. Bing

    Quick delivery. Works great!

  88. Foscore

    100% Legit as soon as you pay you get the activation code on your email and it works perfectly very happy!

  89. david powell

    so I didn’t think this was real. I honestly thought it was going to end up being some type of scam or some type of virus if I wasn’t careful. To my surprise this was an actual legit $4 and some change Microsoft office program. I must tell you how grateful I am for this at a more difficult time in my life when being out of work with covid-19 only getting worse. I want to thank whoever this is for the discounted program and also want to tell you your instructions were great, very useful and explained everything to successfully download and install the full program of office. I’m not sure what I did to stumble across your website but boy oh boy I’m happy I did because I wouldn’t have been able to get this important task done that I had to get done without you. Thanks again and happy New Year btw!!

    its definitely positively absolutely 100% real and legit no worries!! 😁👍👍😁👌✔✔✨💪💪🌟💯✅🆗🆒✔#️⃣1️⃣

  90. DB

    This works 100% … its the real deal. I used to buy these keys from eBay, but it looks like they’ve stopped allowing them to sell them. So it was looking like I wasn’t going to be able to get one, then stumbled upon this website selling them. Niceeeeeeee. 💯

  91. JF

    The product was delivered into my email box instantly after the order. The online password can be changed when you log in the first time. Everything works supper well

  92. Lucia

    Wow it it actually work! I was skeptical but it works!

  93. SB

    Working Perfectly.

  94. Ozzy

    Works Great Not Spam ! 5 star for this seller

  95. Andrew Glenn McAnally

    Worked fine.

  96. Andrew Glenn McAnally

    Fantastic product.

  97. Nick

    Amazing. It works perfectly! The full office 365 suite. Thank you.

  98. Lax

    Works fine. Amazing.

  99. Nishanti Pillay

    It was a breeze installing Office 365 and for just a fraction of the cost. Great Seller who delivered as promised. No need to pay a hefty price and for this price we get to install on 5 devices. A really good deal – what more can we ask for? A five star rating is well deserved 👍

  100. sree


  101. krishna

    worked perfectly!

  102. Krishna

    worked perfectly!

  103. Rafa

    Wow thanks for this. Amazing service. You have made a loyal customer

  104. Denis Enrique Godoy

    perfect!! I bought it wondering if I could use it on my iPad, but it works perfectly, thank you very much.

  105. tonya barnes barnes

    how do i download the software?

  106. Joel Granera

    At first I have my doubts but, this is amazing, work perfectly, thank you, keep the good work.
    Al principio tenía dudas pero, es asombroso, funciona perfecto, gracias, sigan así.

  107. Nagarjuna reddy Akkireddy

    I got only 100 gb storage but mentioned offering 1 tb. Can you help me on this

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