All softwares 100% genuine ( 30-days money back guarantee )


If you have problems with a product, contact our support team to try to solve the problem or to request to start the refund process



All products are digital products, not physical. We will send to your e-mail. Software licenses can be easily copy and paste. due to this, it cannot be sold to another user once the product key is revealed to a customer, as it is automatically considered as ‘used’. For this reason, we reserve the rights described here to issue a refund. We will evaluate the following conditions:

Problems when placing an order

  1. A refund will be assessed within the first thirty business (30) days from the date of purchase if:
  1. The download links of the product were dropped during that period.
  2. The user’s order will never be ‘Confirmed’ due to a system or human error, from the moment the customer makes the payment.
  3. The product key does not work at the time of installation. IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances will refunds be made if the user is attempting to activate a Full Edition with a N Edition key or vice versa.
  4. The user has previously contacted our support team to try to solve the problem without success.

Problems during the of the product lifetime

  1. Will be assessed a change of Product Key if:
  1. The Product Key ceases to function on its own in the lifetime of the product.
  2. The user did not attempt to install the product on another computer. If this is the case, the user must purchase another Product Key or disable/ remove the key from current computer.
  3. The user made no significant changes to the hardware of the computer.
  1. No Refund If:
  1. The user has shared the product key with other people or tried to install the key on new computer without removing/ disabling the key from current computer.
  2. After purchasing, the user requests a refund with the basis of ‘This is not the edition I need’.
  3. The product purchased is not compatible with the customer’s equipment.
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